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Rivendell Radio Automation System

Welcome to the RRAbuntu home page.

Rivendell Radio Automation Live CD installer for Ubuntu. This is a modified version of Ubuntu 10.04. It has been customised using the Ubuntu Customization Kit (UCK) and the Rivendell DEB packages developed by Alban in France. http://blog.tryphon.org/alban/

Frederick Henderson created all the install scripts for the greatly improved installer

Important: Known Bugs

There is a known bug when RRAbuntu is installed on some modern super fast computers. Because of the very fast boot time given by the new "Upstart" method of booting up, sometimes the soundcards fail to initialise properly. For assistance with this, contact Frederick Henderson on the Rivendell mailing list or on IRC. We are working on a solution to this problem.

Many thanks
Geoff Barkman